Graduating from Bertha-Hewitt

To graduate from Bertha-Hewitt students need a total of 48 high school credits.

  •  4 years or 8 credits of English

  • 3 years or 6 credits of Math

    • Including the math series through Algebra II

  • 3 years or 6 credits of Science​

    • Physical Science​

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

  • 3.5 years or 7 credits of Social Studies

    • Civics and Geography​

    • American History

    • World History

    • Economics

  • 2 years or 3 credits of Physical Education & Health 

  • 1 year or 2 credits of Fine Arts

  • 1 year or 2 credits of Personal Finance & Careers

The remaining 14 credits are student elective credits. Students MUST register for at least 12 credits each school year.

High School Registration

Registration for high school occurs during the Spring Semester. 

9th Grade Registration Form

10th Grade Registration Form

11th Grade Registration Form

12th Grade Registration Form

High School Planning Guide

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