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Bridges Academy


Bridges Academy provides Bertha-Hewitt students the opportunity to be career and college ready for regional 21st century high wage, high skill and high growth career. 9th – 12th grade students can pursue a career academy by completing all course work with a grade of “B” or higher within each academy.


Bertha-Hewitt Career Academies (click on each for details)

-Advertising and Media           -Health Science

-Business                                   -Law Enforcement

-Design                                       -Manufacturing

-DNR & Outdoorsman             -Professional Job Skills



Students can start an academy by talking to any of our Bridges Academy teachers. Those planning to pursue a career academy must fill out a planning sheet so academy course completion and grades can be recorded throughout high school career. Once all courses for an academy are complete, students fill out an academy application.


Benefits of Completing a Bridges Career Academy

-Receive a green cord at graduation

-Looks great on a Resume

-Gain access to professionals in fields of interest

-Guaranteed an interview with some partner businesses

-Eligible for scholarships to Central Lakes College

-Participate in field trips and guest speaker opportunities 

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