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Immunization Requirements

It is important for parents to understand the immunization requirements. Minnesota Statute, Section 121A.15 states " person over two months old may be allowed to enroll or remain enrolled in any elementary or secondary school..." without proof that he/she has received the immunizations appropriate for their age or have a legal medical or conscientious exemption. A parent/guardian may file a medical exemption signed by a health care provider or a conscientious exemption signed by the parent/guardian and must be notarized. These will be kept on file

at the school. 

Click on Immunization Schedule to see what immunizations are required at the various ages.

The Student Immunization Form can be used to document your child's immunizations or exemption to immunizations.

Please be sure to update your child's health file by sending written verification each time he or she has received another immunization.




Medication and Required Forms

A parent or guardian must complete a Medication Authorization Form annually for all prescription and non-prescription medications. You can click on the forms below or pick them up from the health office. Any student in grades 7-12 must have authorization to carry over the counter medications with them on school grounds. Both prescription and non-prescription medications must be in the original bottle and labeled with the correct name. Prescription medication also must be labeled with dose and time it is to be given. No baggies or envelopes of medication will be accepted. The school does not provide medications. To help assure safety of all students, an adult must bring medications to school and pick them up at the end of the school year.

Authorization for Prescription Medication

Authorization for Over the Counter Medication

Cough Drop Authorization

When to Keep Your Child Home

Please click on Guidelines for Keeping Students Home to review the more common childhood illnesses and when to keep your child home. It is so important to keep your kids home when they're sick so they can get better and don't spread their illness to others.

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