Welcome to the Hangout

a Licensed Childcare Center 

located in the Bertha-Hewitt School

The Hangout Licensed Childcare Center:

- will provide nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack

   is a safe, nurturing environment for all children

- uses kindergarten best practices to prepare kids for school

- has a variety of age appropriate fine motor and gross motor toys

- offers opportunities for children to make craft/art projects

- allows for positive interaction and modeling. Staff guides children in       caring and encouraging ways to help them develop skills.

Cost: $2.50 per hour/child

Where: Door #10 - South side of B-H School

Hours: 6am - 6pm

Who: Children 33 months to 12 years of age

Call (218) 924-3272 or email hope.hinzmann@isd786.org for more information