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SuzAnn Goeden

Early Childhood Education

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Head Start has been available to children ages three to five and families in Crow Wing, Morrison, and Todd counties for 35 years. It is a quality child development program for children and a pathway to self-sufficiency for families. There is no cost to families who are accepted in the program. Applications are accepted throughout the year.


When you call for an application, staff will describe three Head Start options for your three to five year old. Center-Based Head Start 
Home-Based Head Start, Combination Head Start.


Head Start believes parents are the first and most important teachers in the lives of their children and that all parents want the best for their children.


Parents look to Head Start staff as mentors and as partners. Parents serve on the Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council.


At TCC, we recognize that parenting can be both rewarding and—challenging. Most families need occasional support and assistance in child rearing, regardless of their resources and circumstances.


Head Start helps families identify and use their individual family strengths to support and nurture their children, so that the family can develop to its fullest potential.


What is Head Start?
The Head Start mission states: "The Head Start Program is based on the premise that all children share certain needs, and that children of low-income families, in particular, can benefit from a comprehensive developmental program to meet those needs."


This means Head Start provides an environment that supports the healthy growth & development of each child in the context of the child's family, culture, and community. Parents/guardians are partners in their child's Head Start experience. Staff works with families to build on their strengths, developing respectful relationships, and strengthening their connection with the community.


Who is Eligible for Head Start?

  • Income eligible families with children ages three to five

  • Families living in Crow Wing, Morrison, and Todd counties

  • Children with special needs (see what is considered a special need)


How Much Does It Cost?
There is NO COST to families who are accepted in the program. Ninety percent (90%) of Head Start families must meet income guidelines. Families on County Assistance and Supplemental Social Security are eligible. Children with special needs, whose families exceed the Federal guidelines, are considered for enrollment before any other "over-income" families.


Where Will My Child Receive Head Start Services?
You and your child may receive Head Start Services at a center, or your home. The choices will vary by location. Call TCC or visit TCC Service Area.


How Do I Apply for Head Start?

  • Call or write TCC and ask for an application form

  • Fill out an application

  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a phone call to set up a meeting and to discuss if you qualify for one of these programs


What are the Highlights and Benefits of Head Start?

  • Parent meetings and newsletters

  • Child and family nutrition assessments

  • Developmental, health, hearing and vision screening

  • Individualized teaching

  • Information, resources and referrals are provided

  • Family support and education

  • Services for children with special needs


What is Considered a "Special Need?"

  • Blindness/visual impairment

  • Deafness/hearing impairment

  • Physically disabled/orthopedic impairment

  • Speech/language impairment

  • Mental retardation

  • Health/developmental impairment

  • Emotional/behavior disorder

  • Autism

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Specific learning disability

  • Developmental Delay

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